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I need a website
Website Prerequisites
A Domain Name is the name that represents you on the internet.
An example of a Domain Name is chromesque.com
Domains are renewed on a yearly basis, however, multiple years can be purchased in advance.
A Web Host is the computer that keeps(hosts) your website data on the internet.
A reliable Web Host is important to keep your website fast and online all the time.
Web Hosting is renewed on a monthly basis, however, payment for multiple months is adviced.
I want some graphics
Graphics Products
Other Services
Apps, Programs & Services
SSL Certificate's' ensures that traffic to your website or web apps are over a secure HTTPS Protocol.
They also give users peace of mind with the "Secure" and icon in your address bar. It is recommended to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website to give users assurance that you are legitimate. The SSL Certificate listed in this page is offered by Let's Encrypt Authority and are renewable every 90 Days.
The fee charged is for setting up the certificate on your Platform.


I can't find what i need here, I would rather describe what i need.